Sven Rüger 

Sven a commercial apprenticeship at HOECHST AG / Frankfurt and afterwards finished his Diploma in Business Administration. He worked for about 20 years in different international Companies of Hoechst AG and Clariant AG in the area of Sales, Finance & Administration and IT in Europe, Asia and in the US. Since 1992 he was actively involved in local and global SAP / R3 implementation projects. During his over 6-year’s stay in INDIA, he has been associated with friends like the owners of Mirc Electronics (Onida). Therefore, OIS and Inventis share a strong business partnership.His long project experience in SAP as well as having close friendship to his management partners has made launch of INVENTIS possible.

Barbara Rose

Being known to Sven for more than 25 years she has been in the IT sector since the last 20 years. She started in implementing several PPS tools and joined finally EDS / SAP Division in 1995. There she concentrated on PP module. In 1997 she started her own IT consulting company mainly working in SAP implementations at SIEMENS / Germany . She is now a specialist in all logistics modules as well as Change Management .

Shankar Narayanan

Sven worked together on common projects with Shankar at Hoechst AG and Clariant AG since 1996 An Indian citizen, having worked for several years in the States and Germany , here for Hoechst AG and Clariant AG. Since 5 years Shankar ( an Chartered Accountant from Ahmedabad) is working in the SAP area and is the 'Guru' of CO modul .


Therefore, networking strength of the partners within the German IT landscape and OIS high technical skills have lead OIS and Inventis to share a strong business partnership.