Our Expertise


INVENTIS consulting approach is to incorporate the best people of its Indian partner within itís local projects and also to utilize OIS offshore capabilities to provide part of the services (e.g. some modules of programming) needed. Therefore the solutions offered to our customers are made available at high quality but decent prices.

Further specializations of INVENTIS lies in project management and change management skills. Facilitating and coaching of different functions of a company and especially for international companies merging of different cultures into one project direction.

Normally the technical solutions, which are implemented, do work. But why are such projects not successful? We believe 80 - 90 % of success in project implementations depends on the openness towards change of all project members.We thus believe in open and collaborative communication within the project team members, empowerment of people and a goal oriented solutions approach.

Additionally, to do this we train people as per their future anticipated needs and build their understanding of the business processes they are part off. With this high level of user comfort, we generate a comfortable acceptance level of the system thus assuring the success of the project.